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An Introduction to Modern Harmony

Cost - $25.00

Published April 2007

What is harmony?

1. The simultaneous notes in a chord

2. The study of the structure, progression, and relation of chords

What is modern harmony?

The advanced level of chord study where the use of more complex chords and chord progression (i.e.: runs, etc.) are displayed

Ross Carnegie's book, "Introduction to Modern Harmony" teaches the student how to effectively use modern harmony by playing the chords (advanced level) presented through his method to enhance any arrangement whether it's a popular, classical, or spiritual song. 

"An Introduction to Modern Harmony" Book 1 covers the keys C, F, and Bb which you will find the information contained within is invaluable across the spectrum of music. Carnegie designed the Book 1 to help the student create wonderful introductions, endings, and turnarounds to compliment any song in these keys and others. Book 1 is designed to help the student who has basic knowledge of music theory, and who realizes the necessity for an increased emphasis on technique.  

Carnegie's Book 1 offers the student a brisk workout using sophisticated, but not impossible, LEFT HANDED fingering exercises, which will increase the dexterity of the left hand which is often a weakness of many students of the piano and keyboard. Consequently, when the left hand is developed enough the playing of the chord progressions and runs in the book will become easier to perform, guaranteeing the student will be very pleased with the results.