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Ross Carnegie
Piano Stylist
Multi-talented bandleader, distinguished piano  
stylist, and innovator in piano instruction.
Teaching specialist using the 9th, minor 9th,
11th and 13th chords.




Phone: (718) 316-7991

Ross Carnegie, Piano Stylist, orchestra leader, big-band leader and piano teacher, is a classic jazz survivor. He has brought his flair for performance and unique harmonic sensibility to audiences nationwide for over 40 years. He performs works by some of the finest composers of the 20th century, such as George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, along with his own compositions and works of the European classical tradition. “Through the years, I’ve met many great classical pianists,” says Carnegie. “I love their music, but I also love jazz so I play both. To me, music is one language.” 

Carnegie has led small groups and jazz orchestras under his banner at venues nationwide. Some of his most memorable career moments include performing at the aptly named Carnegie Hall, The Brooklyn Museum honoring the legendary Lena Horne, The Jazz Museum of Harlem, and for Louis Armstrong at the Waldorf Towers of the illustrious Waldorf Astoria. He is particularly proud of his tenure at The Riverboat Club at The Empire State Building, where his ensemble played for standing-room-only audiences, as well as his years of weekly live performances at Nordstrom's, an upscale retail establishment located in New York. 

Carnegie, a native of Toronto, Canada, moved to New York City at the age of 19. He met the legendary pianist Teddy Wilson soon thereafter, and Carnegie’s passion for the piano has never diminished since. He began intensive studies with the master of touch and harmonic voicing, and later continued his apprenticeship with two other renowned pianists, Mary Lou Williams and J. Lawrence Cook. The techniques he learned from those masters, along with his own musical innovations, have been distilled in his path-breaking instructional book, "The Ross Carnegie Teaching Method, Book 1: An Introduction to Modern Harmony".